Photo-JIG Business Photo Editing

Is your profile picture bland and uninspiring? Our experts can help!

Your LinkedIn profile is complete, your CV is perfect, your website is up and running, but something doesn’t quite look professional.

A polished profile photo can make a world of difference. It can quickly grab the attention of a prospective employer and signal to them that you’re the right person for the job.

Presentations (Up to 500 words or 10-Slides)
Presentations (Up to 500 words or 10-Slides)


Presentations (Up to 500 words or 10-Slides)



A polished profile photo can make a world of difference. It can quickly grab the attention of a prospective employer and signal to him that you’re the person for the job.

LinkedIn Profile Banner
LinkedIn Profile Banner


Have a custom, personalised LinkedIn Profile Banner edited up for you by our graphics team.

Let our designers help you look professional and suitable for the job to which you aspire. Try Photo-JIG, the one-stop shop for professional business photos.

Your personal Photo-JIG editor will transform your everyday photo into an eye-catching business-appropriate image which can be used as a profile image on several social media platforms, CVs, or personal websites. The background of the image will be made to suit your industry whilst the rest of you will be lightly airbrushed with the purpose of making you look smart, while retaining your natural features down to the detail.

We will deliver your photo in High Definition and Web optimised JPEGs in the following styles:

Business profile photo editing portrait - BeforeBusiness profile photo editing portrait - After
Portrait Format
Business profile photo editing Landscape - BeforeBusiness profile photo editing Landscape - After
Landscape Format
Business profile photo editing Square - BeforeBusiness proifle photo editing Square - After
Square Format

You will receive unlimited rights of use for the images supplied by us. Your photos will not be published or used by us for advertising purposes.

When you upload photos, your designer will evaluate them and help you narrow down your options to a single photo, which will be used for the Photo-JIG service, in the case that only one photo has been uploaded the designer will review this photo and if it passes the criteria, work will start on it immediately.

If you are unsure if your images are valid for this service, contact customer services and send us your photos.

Guidelines for taking usable photos:

  • Your photos should be taken in front of a flat surface ideally light in colour, for example, a plain bright coloured wall.
  • Each file uploaded should be no smaller than 2MB in size.
  • Your photos should be taken with a high-end camera, or any device with 10 megapixels or higher (Example: A compact camera or the main camera of a high end smartphone)
  • All photos uploaded should have the face and eyes in focus. If the camera has a portrait mode then this should be selected when taking the pictures otherwise you should manually focus on the face.
  • Taking pictures in natural light is preferred (outdoors or near a window). Make sure that the photos are not dark or grainy.
  • Photographs should be taken at eye level and from the waist up. Selfies are not allowed; use the camera's timer or ask for someone to help you.
  • Take a few pictures with different poses and lighting so you have an increased chance of taking an acceptable photo.
  • We advise you to dress the part; your clothing should match the position you which you are aiming.